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Welcome to our neuromuscular services and support hub.

We’ve designed the hub as a central resource where you can find the information, advice and services relevant to you. Whether you have a muscle-wasting condition yourself, a friend or family member does, or you’re a health professional working with people who have muscle-wasting conditions, we trust you’ll find the information you need.

You can search for information by category and by location.

We’ve created the hub as part of our Department of Health-funded Bridging the Gap project, which brings together people with muscle-wasting conditions, health professionals, NHS commissioners and our charity, Muscular Dystrophy UK.

Through the project, we’ve set up forums where people can share their own, local experience of neuromuscular healthcare. This important insight will help improve not only access to specialist healthcare, but also the quality of life of everyone affected by muscle-wasting conditions.

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